Warriors need their sleep

The best way to combat a habit is with sleep.

They have this acronym in support groups called HALT. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. it’s been my experience that when I’m tried I feel hungry, angry, and lonely. When I’m fatigue, I’m moody. I feel like a crazy person who’s vulnerable to making mistake and the circular thinking becomes stronger, making me feel like I don’t have a fighting chance.

If you’ve been overwhelmed and lacking the energy to stick to your guns, chances are you are like me and need to get better sleep. Life won’t stop happening because we want to work on ourselves, but with better sleep your resistance to stress will give you more discipline over your feelings. You won’t feel as though the world is throwing lemon juice on your nerve endings.

By Mikael Häggström (All used images are in public domain.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Your’re not crazy, you’re tried

I found some tips online that I’ve practiced myself to develop a bedtime routine. Remember, we are creatures of habit and develop sleep patterns too. The trick to better sleep is what you do before to wind down. Taking a bubble bath, reading, sipping hot tea, and listening to calming music are some. Another that I do is a guided meditation when  anxious to stop the excessive thinking about how tired I am and how bad I need sleep.

Some of you might be fighting for you life right now like I had been and it can be overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. Actually, it’s so much easier than you think with good rest. Warriors need their sleep.


The first and worst: circular thinking

Ever wonder how you acquired that “bad habit?” I’d be willing to bet it started with this: Circular thinking.  This video couldn’t be more true about the nature of unhealthy thinking. You weren’t put on the planet to feel so miserable! Whatever your bad habit is, you need to know this one thing about it: it begins and ends with your thinking. Naturally, we are all creatures of routine, made to be habitual down to the way we produce cells. Our thinking and feelings are no different. They hold the potential of becoming just as much a bad habit as our bad habit. We develop different ways to cope as an escape to these thoughts that make us feel powerless,  some of these coping mechanisms made our circumstances worse. Soon they become second nature, actions that are done without thinking, we think, until they become so mindless that we are back to perpetuating the busy thinking in our head. Exhausting. Our thoughts and actions are tied together, but just like any other habit, you can overcome it. The good news is all it takes is a progression not perfection for there to be results.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
Corrie ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

So, what can you do when you begin to get sucked in to those thoughts?


If you’ve seen Divergent- which I highly recommend if you haven’t- you got to do what Tris does- remind yourself “It’s not real.” She had the ability when faced with her fears to call it what it was: false evidence appearing real. Almost always are the thoughts of worry less factual but fear based. Name your thoughts when they start to mimic the above video, acknowledging that they are circular thoughts, then moving on to what is real, applying grounding and mindfulness techniques.  Most importantly, be realistic.  You may go back to worrying minutes later, but be vigilant in your efforts because u can kick it.

U can kick it

You can do what you have to do, and so

u can do it even better than you think you can.

That’s the truth- you can do anything, and probably better than you think. Whatever the bad habit, from back talking your little old mother to substance abuse, u really can kick it.

I’m writing this blog to remind you this. Too often there are people who will tell you “Don’t bother to try, you’re probably going to fail” or they’ll say nothing to you because they’ve written you off for not succeeding to your full potential or goal yet. There will always be people like that.

There will always be people like me too; real. I am not perfect, I am a creature of habit, though many have not been pretty, I’ve worked hard to rid some of them for good. This is how I know you can can do it, and I did it because others shared with me. The people who told me about what I couldn’t do, helped me… to beat myself up. There were days I gave into the negativity. Even so, there were time when someone shared with me hope and it clicked. I want to share those things with you. The information and tricks that make recovery easier and manageable, the benefits that come from setting a goal and completing it, the amazing and possible direction your life can go and everything in between to get you there.

U can kick it.

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