Photo courtesy of Latasha Washington

Giving back is more rewarding than you might think

One of the best ways to get out of your head, over depression, or even combat social anxiety is with volunteering. Volunteering allows you to get into action and out of your head. By serving others you are given the opportunity to not only bless others with a positive experience, but it gives you a break from your own problems so when you return you may do so with a fresh perspective. It just feels good too.

Every year my church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, volunteers at our city’s festival that invites organizations to come together to raise money for their cause. The Pacific Coast Fog Fest has been allowed for my church to make ends meet financially as the garlic fries and sausage booth it runs brings in a lot of money. Its helped my church to remain active and alive, as well as been a joy for the community and the members of my church who Volunteer. The volunteers desire to be a positive addition to the people in the community’s day. Having worked side by side them each year, I’ve seen it really happen, bad days turned around.

And there really are some perks to helping out.  Volunteering provides the opportunity to meet new people and establish connections for the future, as well as it provides you with experiences where you can learn more about yourself. A peer of mine from college, Latasha Washington, is an example of this.

Washington she began volunteering within her community while going to school and within a few years of her doing so she got to do what she loves most–travel–and was in South Africa building dozens of homes for an oppressed community. The experience not only help change the lives of many families, but she gained personal and profession connections, as well as clarity around her place within the world, and discovered some of her hearts hidden desires. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience on many levels.


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