Why saying no gets you ahead

No is yes? In this article “Why saying ‘no’ gets you ahead,” Camille Preston offers a great perspective on boundaries and being a “yes” man. By saying no to what’s not working, you are actually saying yes to the things that are. Your life, your happiness is your responsibility. Your choices are your choices. Other’s happiness and ability to be flexible is not your responsibility. Stop the indirect pressure to make your life worthy to other people. You only live once, so why feel like your life is any less than your own? When you take reigns of your own life and do and be where you want, the likelihood of a positive experience is high, and positive vibes is more helpful to others then giving in and being a doormat. If you feel guilty about saying “No” sometimes, anytime, or have even once, this article is worth checking out. Preston provides reasonable tips on how to manage your own life, in a way your can feel OK about.


Everyone knows the adage: good fences make good neighbors. Basically, it means to set firm boundaries. By setting boundaries, we find the freedom to behave in our best interest, with fewer distractions and fewer unwanted intrusions. This is even more important in our digital age, where there are so many people vying for our attention and so many ways to be distracted.

Building good fences—setting boundaries—is one of the most important skills to master for both personal and professional growth. And one of the most important aspects of a good fence is the ability to say no to the people, activities and engagements that we do not enjoy or that do not advance us personally or professionally. When you say no to the things that don’t help you, you are, in effect, saying yes to the things that will. By saying no, you open up the space necessary for yes.

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